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TST has developed many products for our clients to answer their questions of,

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        Subsea Flooding

Based on customer needs, TST developed a filter for subsea pipeline free-flood operations.  The seawater is filtered to 30 microns. Additionally, we incorporated a flow indicator and flow totalizer to monitor the flooding progress.


        Subsea Flushing

The Chemical Flushing Skid was also designed and fabricated for a specific customer need.  Current pumping capacity is 40 gpm.  The pump(s) can be changed to achieve higher flow rates.  Seawater is filtered to 30 microns and chemicals are added according to the specifications of the scope of work.  The treated seawater is pumped through a hose to a hot stab that shall be connected to the receptacle designated by the client.


        Subsea Pigging

To conduct subsea pipeline pigging, the test pump section of the Universal Pumping Platform (UPP)  is removed and replaced with a low pressure, high volume pump section designed for the specific task.


        Valve Panels

TST’s engineering, design and fabrication of specialized equipment includes various valve panels to accommodate  the specific needs of the project.  The subsea valve panels below are designed to operate at pressures up to 20,000 psi., and include ROV friendly valve handles and grab rails for ease of operation.

















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