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(Universal Pumping Platform)


Subsea Hydrotest

The UPP is a proven system that can be effectively deployed to complete subsea hydrostatic testing up to 20,000 psi. in water depths up to 9000 feet (limited only by umbilical length).


The UPP is equipped with its own subsea motor to power the test pump, the chemical injection pump and all other electrical and hydraulic components.


An electro-optical umbilical provides power to a subsea motor from the deck. The umbilical, which is also used to raise and lower the system and provide real time data to the operators, makes this system unique and different compared to other patented technologies.


The pressurization pump is installed on the subsea Universal Pumping Platform (UPP) and deployed to the pressurization point, eliminating the hazards associated with deck mounted pressurization equipment. This results in a safer working environment for all deck personnel.


The pumping rate is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of needs, and to ensure the proper pressurization rate to avoid potential damage to the pipeline.


Real-time data including pipeline pressure and pump volume is monitored and collected topside via fiber optic lines in the UPP umbilical.


Hydrotest fluid (seawater) can be filtered up to 30 microns and preservation chemicals and dye can be metered in from an onboard chemical bladder.


Includes ROV-friendly valve panel and grab handles.

The modular design of the UPP enables the unit to be easily modified to conduct subsea pigging and other projects to enable one unit to complete several different tasks.

Patent Pending



Trident Subsea Technologies (TST) was founded to fulfill the need for an alternative solution for subsea hydrostatic testing.†

To meet that need TST developed the Universal Pumping Platform* (UPP).†

A unique, cost effective, and safe way to test subsea pipelines.

 Lower equipment day rate.

 System power is self contained and Does Not rely on power from ROV or the Vessel

 Delivers real time data via fiber optics independent of ROV cameras

 Metering driven by main pump for more accurate Chemical Metering of Hydrotest Water

 Efficient and timely modifications of equipment

 Does Not use syntactic foam which can limit operating depth

 ROVís are free to continue working while UPP is working or being recovered

 Pumping rate can be adjusted while deployed, saving vessel time

 System is designed in segments to allow for easy modification to meet clients specific needs



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