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The development of TST and its technologies was to fill a void in the Subsea Oil & Gas Market. The Subsea Oil & Gas Market is a market that continues to grow rapidly in greater depths of water that challenge the existing techniques of performing these services. Due to the high expenditures needed for Deepwater Drilling, and the challenge to create technology that can operate at the depths and pressures, a demand has been created to make it economical and technologically possible.

TST was initially contracted to develop equipment to re-preserve flow lines. It was necessary that this equipment was operable at extensive water depths and be cost effective. As a result the Chemical Flushing Unit was developed by TST to meet this need and continues today to successfully re-preserve flow line projects.†

TSTís next challenge was to develop a system that could be used to perform hydrostatic testing on subsea pipelines in the deep and ultra deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. TST developed the Universal Pumping Platform, or UPP, which brought the hydrotest to the pipeline on the ocean floor. This technology allowed hydrotesting to be completed on individual parts of the system without interrupting the production of multiple wells and halting production. To date TST has successfully completed subsea hydrostatic testing services for multiple flow lines in the Ultra-Deep Waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

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